Why Not Deliver Food The Way That Makes Sense

$2 delivery trips? Add on trips for $1.50 just because you're going that way? Wait in line to pick up an order that's already been placed and paid for? We don't think so! Grubdom was designed and perfected by those who know the online food ordering and delivery industry, and the problems that exist with it.

We know what makes your food pickups take longer than necessary, get mixed up, or just go wrong altogether. The same with drop-offs — Grubdom knows the things that customers do (and don't do) that just make things a hair-pulling experience for the food delivery agent that just wants to drop off the order and get on to the next one, maximizing his or her earnings with great time efficiency. What's more, we know that the sign up processes, background checks, and performance rate calculations can make delivery agents want to just throw in the towel.

Grubdom has the most expeditious background check and sign-up process in the game, and we DO NOT punish you or play mind games just because you don't want to take a delivery request. In fact, you'll NEVER get a ping from us that is less than a $5 trip! Ever! That's way insulting, and we won't go there with you. So sign up with us today, and join the most sensible online food ordering and delivery platform in the industry! We're waiting for you to help us.

When we say that delivery is on YOUR terms, we mean it! This isn't a job, it's a hustle. We want to partner with those who KNOW this. We're not baiting you with the words that say "this is on your terms" and making you think this is a truly self-employed gig, but then give you all sorts of warnings and "punishments" for doing things exactly on your terms.

We do NOT have an "acceptance rate". What's that anyway? Seriously — there's no pressure to take any ping that you don't want to, or that you can't for whatever reason. It's not our business.

What IS our business though is making sure that all of our pings are worth the while. We know it costs you time, energy, and gasoline to go pick up food and take it to a waiting customer. You should be compensated for that! We've been there (most of us at Grubdom, anyway). So again, you'll NEVER — ever, ever, ever — get a delivery request from us that is less than $5!

We value you as a delivery agent and we know you're indispensable! Plus, you're human with expenses. With that being established, we trust that you know what to do and what not to do. We trust that you won't lollygag around when it's time to pick up and delivery. You're grown and responsible.

Again, having been in the field, we know how some customers can be (entitled), and we know how some restaurants can be sometimes (condescending). No one likes disrespect, and as our valued delivery agents, we have your back fully! As long as you're doing your part, we'll go to bat for you when you need us.

Grubdom isn't some corporate team of elite developers and business executives aloof in San Fran or some posh NYC office with no experience or relatable experience to what goes on in real life. Things with Grubdom are going to MAKE SENSE. Delivery logic is easy to maintain and run correctly, where it works for everyone — the customer ordering the food, the restaurant preparing the food, and of course for the delivery agent.

Here's Some Ways We're Helping The Delivery Process Go Smoothly For Our Agents:

1. We're not working with restaurants that make you wait in line to pick up an order that has been paid for already with customers who have yet to place an order. That adds too much time to your task and defeats the purpose of the customer ordering food for delivery.

2. We're also not working with restaurants that make you go through drive-through lines (however, if they have a process that allows you to pull up, notify them of your presence, and bring the order out to you, then we will work with them.)

3. We're identifying drop offs with problematic address identifiers (can't see the numbers, gate-codes aren't in notes, lack-luster GPS presence, etc.), and making sure these details are clear.

4. We're identifying restaurants that ping for delivery far before the food is actually ready, so you have little to no wait time when you arrive for pick up.

5. Restaurants that don't package their food properly, or accommodate delivery agents' (and customers', of course) need to have a secure food order which is sealed properly — we're not working with them.

6. For safety, we're not sending any pings your way when you're moving faster than 35mph. We will use your movement data based on GPS to know when you're traveling at or above the speed threshold. So you won't put yourself in any danger trying to look at a delivery ping while you're doing 70mph on the freeway! We want you around!

7. We're listening intently to your input about all of your pickups and dropoffs to ma

So sign up with us today, and join the most sensible online food ordering and delivery platform in the industry, that operates on logic, sense, and respect! We're waiting for you to help us #ExpandTheGrubdom